Reasons Your Restaurant Menu Scares Customers

Have you been wondering why your menu is not bringing more customers to your restaurant in Nigeria? Or are you at the verge of quitting the business probably because of your menu structure and its irrelevance.

Please permit me to ask ‘Is your menu the problem you are facing in your restaurant business?
You’re actually on the right website because on this very content I’ll kindly highlight some cogent reasons why your menu is not or has stopped bringing in customers to your restaurant. Follow up till the end for easy grasping.

Before now, so many restaurant owners always complain about low customer stats and how they lose customers on daily basis. This has really frustrated uncountable number of restaurant owners in Nigeria.
Now, from our recent discovery, we’ve come to understand that there are so many reasons why so many Nigerian restaurants fail and of which we’ve published an article on that here on this website, you can search our website to see full content. Now one of the major reasons why you keep losing customers as a restaurant owner is a poor structured menu.
Ideally, permit me to say that your menu has power. It has the power of either bringing in more customers or drives away more customers. If you don’t deal with this matter, you’ll keep losing more and more customers every day. This totally has nothing to do with high taste and quality meals you prepare, it has to do with poor structured menu.
So, in a nutshell, I’ll be highlighting some reasons why your menu is not bringing in customers to your restaurant or why your menu has been driving away your customers.


4 Reasons Why Customers Avoid Your Restaurant Menu


1. High Bills

Like I would always say, this has totally nothing to do with the delicious meal you prepare. No how packaged your junks might be. Whether you like it or not, if your menu has so much bill rates, you’ll end up losing more customers than you could imagine.
This is not a magic or a frame up stuff, your customers first look at the menu to see if is affordable. If your bills are always on high side and your location is not the high-end location where incomes of people are at high time like Lagos Islands, Portharcout GRA Phase 2, Abuja FCT, etc, you are then more likely to lose customers. So, if you really want to keep your customers nor attract more reliable customers to your restaurant, kindly price your meals properly.
Yeah, this is really one of the major reasons why your menu is not bringing in customers to your restaurant. Re-strategize by recalculating your food cost; you’ll see how people would always troop in to your restaurant for their daily meals.


2. Menu Graphics Structure

How do you see a menu with some insect diagrams on it? Or how do you see using the diagrams on meals you don’t procure in your restaurant? That’s quite a camouflage and I’d call it untrue.
This is actually one of the key reasons why so many restaurant menus fail in Nigeria. They project insincerity and fake-ness thinking they are Male barbing saloon where they display pics of haircuts they could not make. Please packaging is quite different from pretending and lying.
If you really want to package your menu, then look for some experts out there who can possibly do a thorough packaging to it than trying to fake the whole thing in the process of packaging.


3. Menu Presentation

Aside from the high cost and menu graphics structure, another most highly reasons why your restaurant menu does not make any sense to your customers is that it wasn’t presented on the proper manner.
The way you present your menu to your customers really matters a lot. The moment you ignore this, that’s the moment you’ll stand this risk of driving away your customers. Moreover, you’re expected to have staffs with at least an average knowledge towards restaurant ethics.

So, if you really want to stop losing customers then take your menu serious. Mind how you present it to the customers.


4. Spelling Errors

This seems to be funny but on a serious note, it really matters a lot. Imagine write mael instead of meal. When the menu grammar is wrong and annoying, you’ll end up scaring your customers away as some of them would think if they leave this menu list here how will the food taste then. Please do not neglect this section, it really matters a lot.



Were you able to find some resourceful insights that will boost your business capacity? These are some reasons why your restaurant menu is not bringing in customers as it ought to.

I can help with some coaching for your restaurant business and we have pretty good course that you may check out on our website that will help your restaurant business.

All you’ve got to do is just to re-strategize and re-brand your menu, boom! You’ll start seeing the results. Meanwhile, having gone through this content, did you find it quite resourceful or informative? Or do you have a question and suggestion to render?

If yes, kindly send us a feedback using the comment box below, thanks.

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