5 Importance of Marketing Your Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Marketing your restaurant in Nigeria is really a wonderful idea and one of the ways of getting more clients, increasing your revenues and growing profit to your restaurant.

Moreover, marketing is needed in almost all the business in the globe at large. Meanwhile, on the second thought, there are so many other restaurant owners out there that do not see reasons with why they should market their business. And this has really made their businesses remain dormant and in an low average stamina.

Yea! And also, you will end up abusing the word marketing probably because you don’t know the importance and its contribution to every business sector.  Marketing, innovation and cost reduction is what makes profit in a restaurant business.

However, your restaurant business stands little chances of surviving without marketing. While advertising is a tool of marketing, there are other marketing tools or strategies you can use to market your business.

So in a nutshell, I’ll be highlighting some reasons why marketing is essential for your restaurant business in Nigeria. Yeah, here are some reasons why marketing and advertising is very essential and important for your restaurant business.


5 Importance of Marketing Your Restaurant Business in Nigeria


  1. Brand Building:

If you don’t market nor advertise your restaurant business in Nigeria, there’s no way you could possibly build a brand even in your local community where your restaurant is located.  If there are no way to reach to people in tat least 1 kilometre from your restaurant and other things like distribution of fliers, e-fliers, signpost, bill boards and the rest of its sort; no one would ever know your restaurant.

So one of the reasons why marketing and advertising is very essential for your restaurant business is because of brand building, of course that quite necessary. I mean there’s no business owner who wouldn’t want his/her business to be famous and known.

  1. Creating a Digital Awareness and Presence:

How would your business ever go digitally or probably get known digitally if you ignore online marketing and advertising? This is actually one of the essences of digital marketing. You market your business where your potential client could be found. You want to put it in their face and say hay, here is your favourite restaurant and because they exist online, creating an online presence is necessary. The moment you start advertising and marketing your business (especially digitally), you’ll really create an online visibility, awareness and presence for your restaurant business.

This particular aspect is really important and should be treated with great caution and curiosity. Try developing your marketing passion. If you really want your business to take another level digitally; then digital marketing and advertising should be what you always tend to execute.

  1. Profit Increment:

Fine-dining restaurants spend more on advertising and promotions because they must establish a luxurious and high-quality image. Achieving this often means advertising in high-end media channels and using public relations techniques to attract food columnists and keep the restaurant in the news.

When this is achieved, the restaurant’s revenue will definitely be on the increase because marketing brings in money and other things are cost to your business.

There is no other magic in growing your revenue than advertising and marketing. If you don’t advertise and market your restaurant business, you can’t grow nor increase your profits.

  1. Creating Your audience and targeting them:

Also in the spate of building your creating your market segment depending on the type of your restaurant and targeting them, marketing and advertising has really been a great strategy which contributed to its growth. So if you really want to build your restaurant audience, don’t ignore marketing because it is what will position your business for the segmentation, targeting and positioning your restaurant business in front of the customers that wants it.

Having made some points, hope you’ve been able to understand how marketing and advertising is very essential for the growth of your restaurant business. So, if you’ve ever heard that marketing is not necessary or important to your Nigerian business, that’s a big fallacy and untrue belief.

That belief will leave your business on a low magnitude. If you really want to build your targeted audience, please take advertising and marketing very serious, they are quite essential.

  1. Standout or Win The Competition:

Are you the only one that does not know that every business is in competition? Restaurants business in Nigeria is quite competitive with high employee turnover and you are only left with two options in the competition.

You will either win (standout) or loss (stand-less) in the competition. Have you been in location where so many businesses are muted compared to others? Or have you been to a location where a particular business name is been heard than others (even if they do same niche).

So, when you take advertising and marketing seriously, it will really make your standout or probably win the competition. When you advertise less than others you’ll stand-less than others. But when advertising is all you do majorly, then you’ll stand the chance of being listed as one of the top known restaurants in your location and setting.

Advertising and marketing are important for the growth of your restaurant business in Nigeria.



I hope you have been able to discover the important reasons why you should really market your restaurant business. Ideally you can possibly enjoy the benefits of advantageous facts about marketing.

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Do not ignore the power of marketing, it’ll really boost your restaurant business and I hope this content really solved your problem or did it provide solution to that your burden?

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